Welcome to our School!

We at St Jago High School view education as the acquisition of knowledge and the heart of how to achieve and use knowledge. It is the process which makes an individual fit to live with and, as such, it is vital both to the individual and to society. Our educational plan, which aims at the development of each child to his or her full potential is concerned with the mental, physical, social and spiritual development of each child. By being of direct value to the individual, education will be of direct value to the society.

The school strives for:

  • Academic excellence
  • Excellence in sports
  • "Cultured" children
  • A healthy mind in a healthy body; every child to develop his/her full potential.

In all of this, the Christian is the basis of our undertaking.

The school philosophy is expressed in the MISSION STATEMENT:


To be (always) Number one


To develop in students the desire
To serve
To achieve
To win
And their ability to be
Magnanimous in victory
Gracious in defeat
Creative and firm yet humble and respectful in power, obedient yet ambitious when in service.


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  • St Jago vs Hydel
    Monday, October 3
    St Jago vs Hydel Monday, October 3 (Event) at Spanish Town Prison Oval
  • Bridgeport vs St Jago
    Thursday, October 6
    Bridgeport vs St Jago Thursday, October 6 (Event) at Bridgeport
Article about Annual Banquet of the St Jago Past Students Association published Saturday, September 24, 2016


  • St Jago High School has activated Storm Preparation Protocols. School will end at 2:45 pm today as normal. The compound will be secured and closed at 4:00 pm. It will remain closed until the eminent threat has passed. All activities scheduled for this afternoon, Saturday and Sunday including training, camps, and evening and weekend classes have been cancelled. We will advise in a subsequent bulletin if school will be reopen on Monday. Please stay safe.

  • Glen Laing, football coach at St Jago High School, says good student-athletes are easier to coach. Laing, who guided St Jago to the Super Cup and Walker Cup semi-finals last season, is challenging his colleagues to emphasise academics with their charges.

  • St Jago 1 v Bridgeport 2 Hydel 0 vs St Jago 0 St Jago 1 v Calabar 0 Campion 0 vs St Jago 3 We won our first match against Campion College 3 nil.