The school strives for:

  • Academic excellence
  • Excellence in sports
  • "Cultured" children
  • A healthy mind in a healthy body; every child to develop his/her full potential.

In all of this, the Christian is the basis of our undertaking.

The school philosophy is expressed in the MISSION STATEMENT:


To be (always) Number one


To develop in students the desire
To serve
To achieve
To win
And their ability to be
Magnanimous in victory
Gracious in defeat
Creative and firm yet humble and respectful in power, obedient yet ambitious when in service.


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Fellow Past Students/Friends of St. Jago Thanks for supporting 'Seafood Fiesta' held Thursday & Friday, May 28 & 29, 2015 at such short notice. This Event replaced Benefit Performance of Hugh King's Play 'Nightwork' which was scheduled for Thursday, May 28. Based on a preliminary review of the Play, a decision was taken that given the explicit content of some of the scenes, it would be inappropriate to present this Play as a Benefit for a High School. Thanks again!SOCKS/BELTS/SHOES DRIVEA Big Thank You to those who participated in the Socks/Belt/Shoes Drive. Special Thanks to Keith Senior, Robert Bacchus, Mavis Tulloch and Janet Laing who continue to put a smile on the faces of the Special Group of Students who benefit from 'Breakfast at Ravensworth'. I feel compelled to share a recent incident which involved a student who was held up at knife point on her way home from School. Her School Bag and Shoes were stolen but the culprit obliged by returning $100 after being told she had no bus fare; she made it home in socks only. Please note Only one pair of shoe was contributed during the Drive. It could only be through Divine Intervention that this student was the beneficiary of this lone pair of shoe - thanks Tashi Heron! (Thank You Letter from Student attached).


  • The St Jago HIgh School Junior Volleyball Team played at the UWI Bowl in the ISSA U-15 Volleyball Championships where they placed second. Ryan Grant was awarded the Best Blocker Trophy, Safon Manning Best Defender and Joel James Best Setter